Even Websites Need Protection!

Is Your Website Vulnerable?

Almost every day I read a report a website has been hacked.  Most websites use shared hosting and that’s a concern. The reality is our website hosting is only as strong as the other websites on the same server. The solution is to buy a dedicated server, but who has the resources for that? Instead, protect yourself with these website security services.

Website Security Services:

Website security services can help prevent hacks or data loss because of server malware. Do you know if your website is protected? Here’s what you can do.

  • Backup Services – Falling victim to a hacker is no picnic. Recently,  we had to restore a website that had been hacked.  The issue was the host had 7 days of backups.  However, the website had been down for two weeks. So the server backups didn’t help. The cost to rebuild was almost $5,000. Off-site backup services would have saved thousands of dollars. That’s why we offer daily back-ups for 90-day cycles.
  • Security monitoring – Detects if anyone is trying to log into your account and immediately blocks them. It also sends a notification if any files have been updated.
  • Forms Spam Protection – Reduce or eliminate spammers who fill out your lead forms.
  • Use HTTPS – Make sure you are using HTTPS on your website. The good news is most hosting platforms are providing a free-version of HTTPS. But if not, an SSL will be installed on your website. (additional fee applies)
  • Monthly WP & Plugin Updates – WordPress is open-source software. Keeping the files up to date is the best remedy against vulnerabilities.
  • Broken Links – This could be a sign of malware or one of your external links could be broken. Either way, it’s important to know.

It’s important to check the security monitoring software for any changed files and make adjustments immediately. 

If your website is more than a year old and not actively being updated, then you’re definitely at risk for hackers. 

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