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211Brevard new

211 Brevard

211 Brevard approached us because they were using a “proprietary content management system” and it was impossible to work with. Also, every time they wanted to make a change to the website, the developer charged exhorbitant fees since it was “their software”. We hear this scenario often and it is our mission to empower our clients and save them $$.

We converted their website to WordPress and the client is so happy she can now maintain her own website. Of course, we miss talking to her, but we keep up on Facebook. LOL. In fact, Belinda left a glowing recommendation on our FB page. (I don’t think she was a difficult client… I love people who know what they want.)

Check out their site:

Precision Marketing, Inc.

PMi found us in 2005 and we’ve been working together ever since.  The firm is a sales rep company promoting high quality RF, Microwave, power, electronic components/systems,  and wireless communication products.  Their website has evolved so many times since 2005.  They do a great job of keeping up with the maintenance of the website as well as incorporating new ideas into the functionality.  As their technology partner, it’s great working with a client who always wants to stay on top of their industry by providing the best for their customer.

Check out their site:

Orlando Bankruptcy Website

John T. Snow, Bankruptcy Attorney

It’s a privilege when competitors refer clients. That’s what happened here when a friendly competitor referred a client to build a website for his law practice. 

The goal was to create a website that emphasized the message that there is help for these tough financial positions. For this build, we explore rich bold colors that conveyed trust during a difficult situation.

Take a look for yourself:

Riviera Bella Logo

Riviera Bella

Riviera Bella is an exquisite community nestled along the St. John’s River in DeBary, Florida.  The goal was to create a website that would have the same elegance as their homes.

We used the WordPress platform because they were also interested in maintaining the website themselves after development. 

Because the client had all the content and photos, the implementation of a new website was completed within a month.

Visit Live Site:

CBF Contracting, Inc.

CBF Contracting, Inc. was referred to us by one of our IT Partners all the way up in Pennsylvania 10 years ago.  This is the third rendition of their website.  Although we love to banter about the weather,  we also get down to business making sure that CBF stays above the competition.  In addition to the website, we handle all of their social media, content creation for their blog and download guide as well as general SEO.

Even though we are 1000 miles apart, we understand that the key to success is communication.  Thanks Ryan for being so open to new ideas.

Check out their site at


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