The cornerstone of any successful social media marketing strategy is creating amazing content that clients and prospects want in order to make their lives better or easier. By consistently creating and sharing information relating to your business, service and/or products, you’re building relationships with clients and prospects. It’s called ‘Social Proof’ because you are proving you have the know-how and can be trusted to help them with their needs.

Social Media StrategyThe Key Factor – It’s A Strategy:

The plan is to consistently create and share information of value on a frequent and regular basis to build relationships with customers and prospects, leading to sales (the goal). That’s how to do it right.

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘How exactly do I accomplish that when I’m busy running my business and dealing with the day-to-day customers?  Can’t I just post a picture of my product or announce a special deal every so often to my website or my Facebook page?’ Sure you can…

…but don’t be surprised by the lack of interest or ‘Likes’ about your offer.  This approach isn’t likely to return a long term benefit or profit, because it’s simply a pitch, not a strategic plan or relationship builder. And that’s how to do it wrong.

How To Jump Start Your Social Media Marketing?

Design 4 Dot Com can help your business!  Let our team of social media specialists do the work for you. Our social media packages are created specifically with entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses in mind.

We know you have limited time and staff (if any) to dedicate to online marketing activities, so we’re here to help you create and implement an ongoing social media presence. We will position you and your business as an authoritative, contributing member of the online web community…and as a trusted go-to source for services and/or products.

Our team of social media specialists will work with you one-to-one and create a custom strategy for your business needs. We start every plan with the end goal in mind – drive more traffic to your website for leads and sales.


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