Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click advertising offers one of the most dynamic forms of promotion ever created. Since you only pay when someone visits your site, you can think of it as running an advertisement where you only had to pay for the people who read it!

Design 4 Dot Com, Inc. will help you navigate through all of the choices to design a pay per click advertising program that will work best for your company. If you want us to manage your pay per click advertising campaign, we can do that for only $100.00 per month (in addition to what your advertising budget will be that is paid directly to Google)

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Primary Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

  • Google-AnalyticsTop positions on the page are typically reserved for pay-per-click sponsors
  • Traffic can often be sent to a specific page within your website, other than your home page
  • Low start up costs. Google AdWords accounts can start as low as $50.00 (not including setup fee)
  • Quick processing time allows it to be used for short-term promotions or seasonal business
  • Allows one to target lower search volume phrases inexpensively

Initial Pay Per Click Setup

  • Set up account in Google and organize keywords in categories
  • Add new keyword phrases and determine bids
  • Develop 5-7 ad groups with a max of 15 to 20 keywords for each ad group with targeted ads.
  • Submit to client for approval.
  • Review weekly and send client keyword report from Google AdWords.
  • Establish keyword positions and bid amount

Pay-Per-Click Management Services

  • Re-evaluating keyword phrases for Audience language and search trends changes.
  • Updating keywords for services/products changes
  • Tests click-through rates and measures your ROI by keyword
  • Adjustments to your PPC keyword positions and bid amounts to keep you in front of your competition.
  • Continuously add negative keywords to protect your key search phrases.
  • Beginning PPC Management Services begin at $150 per month.

To make this even easier to implement, if you decide to allow us to set up your campaign we can offer you $100 of free pay per click advertising with a Google coupon just to show that we appreciate your business.  This offer is only good on a new account and while coupons last.

Begin your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign or call us at 407-491-5214 or use our convenient online contact us form.


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