Have You Outgrown Your Old E-Commerce Website?

WordPress E-commerce Website

Whether you are selling online products or services or even digital downloads, you’ll need a WordPress E-Commerce website.

We’ve seen WordPress evolve to match the needs of it’s clients in the web development community.  Our experience with open source software is that “some are better than others” and WordPress is definitely much easier to use on both the programming side as well as on the user side.  Clients love simplicity and we’ve been successful in training our clients how to maintain their websites using WordPress, especially on the E-Commerce side.   As WordPress continues to gain ground in the web development universe, their e-commerce plugins are also extremely impressive.

We’ve learned that every business is unique. Building an eCommerce website with WooCommerce has endless possibilities for customizations. Because these two programs work hand-in-hand, there is less need for custom programming which saves you time and money.  Woo Commerce comes with hundreds of compatible plugins to customize even the most advanced e-commerce requirements.

Whether you are selling online products or services or even digital downloads, WooCommerce can accommodate your needs. If you’re looking for an Orlando eCommerce developer, check out some of our work below.

Terra Dolce Spa

This client had a website with a hosted solution and was not happy with the limitations of design and functionality.  This is a small line of beauty products and their old website just did not tell their story. It was a very cookie-cutter platform and did not allow their personality to shine through.  

The new website shows the beauty of the products through light colors and their packaging.  The website now allows the client to capture email addresses for special offers as well as create coupons to their loyal customer base.  They absolutely love the gift certificate feature where clients can purchase for their friends.

View Live Site: https://www.terradolcespa.com/

Sunbelt Natural Foods

Epilepsy Store

Epilepsy Association of Central Florida was ready for a new look for their old website. It was important that the products were easy for customers to find as well as show a variety of products on the home page. Luckily, they already had a WordPress website, so all we needed to do was migrate the products with all descriptions and images to the new layout.

The client is now able to maintain the website with no problem. If he does get into an area he’s not sure about, he just reaches out to me and I walk him through it.

View Live Site: https://www.epilepsystore.com/

Bowtie Classic Parts

It’s fun when friends also become clients.  Denny has been a family friend for over 35 years.  Our job was to convert his Magento site into something easier to use.  We designed a new look and migrated all his products to a WooCommerce site and he’s so happy.

In fact, he told me a few times that WooCommerce is waaaay easier than Magento.  What used to take him hours to make edits, now only takes minutes.

View Live Site:

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