A lot of people think the only way to develop a successful pay-per-click campaign is to get the highest ranking with a popular keyword in the top two PPC search engines, Yahoo PPC and Google AdWords.

I’d like to address a few MYTH’s about Pay Per Click Advertising and hopefully, put your mind to ease to try this new method of advertising.

Disclaimer: Is this article resembles MYTHBUSTER’S on the Discovery Channel, that is simply a coincidence. Neither Jamie nor Adam were consulted in writing this article.

MYTH- Bidding on general keyword phrases will get me lots of qualified traffic.
BUSTED – General keyword phases will get you LOTS of traffic and cost LOTS of money, but the visitors to your website will not be qualified.

Case in Point – If you repair computers in the Orlando area and are paying 1.50 per click to your website. Some one in Boston finds your link in Google and clicks on it. You can’t help them, you’re in Orlando. NOT Boston. You just wasted $1.50.

MYTH – Always bid on the #1 position!
BUSTED – PPC in MSN, Google and Yahoo!, put at least 3 sponsored listings at the top, sometimes more. Therefore, as long as you are in the top 3 to 5, you will enjoy qualified traffic to your website.

MYTH – I hear that you need thousands of dollars to start a PPC campaign.
BUSTED – Many PPC campaigns start as low as $25.00 and others are $50.00. Really, it’s a very cost effective tool for all types of businesses.

MYTH – Keyword phrases are so expensive.
BUSTED – Yes, some keyword phrases are expensive, but if you look for targed keyword phrases, you can save a lot of money and attract qualified traffic to your website.

MYTH – Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the only search engines who offer Pay Per Click Advertising.
BUSTED – There are a few others, FindWhat.com, Kanoodle.com , LookSmart.com and a few smaller ones that I wouldn’t bother with. Yes, these search engines receive less traffic, but they are still receiving traffic.

Well, there you have it. These MYTHS have been BUSTED.

I hope you found this information helpful and please let us know when you are ready to start your search engine – Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign. We’re happy to assist you.

Michelle Dettlaff
Your Techno Princess

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