Most Common Website Mistakes Is your website turning customers away? We’ve put together a list of most common website mistakes and how they affect potential customers.  Customers browsing the internet looking for a company to work with wants to be reassured that the company is legitimate, credible and reliable.  As small business owners, we work so hard at creating a credible and reliable company.  The last thing you want is to have your website commit these mistakes and you’re unknowingly sending customers to you competitors.

Make sure phone number is visibleWebsite Mistake #1: No Phone numbers on website: Even though customers are finding your website online, they are reassured that they can talk to someone live. Always make sure a phone number is on the top or bottom of website. Don’t always assume that because a visitor found you online that they want to contact you via your website.

Website Mistake #2: Broken Links – links are not working on website: If your link does not work, customers wonder about the reliability and credibility as a company and will go to the next website especially if there is more than one link not working.

Website Mistake #3: Out of Date Information: Keeping your website updated with current information. When was your website created? 2 years ago or 3 years ago? Has your business changed in the last 3 years? If so, make sure it’s on your website.

Website Mistake #4: No Testimonials page: Customers are reassured reading testimonials and referrals about your company.

Website Mistake #5: Slow download time:  There is no reason for visitors to wait or WORSE have to download the latest plugin to view your website.  Flash intros take time to load on a computer and customers may be impatient to watch and go to the next site.

Website Mistake #6:  Mobile Friendly: The landscape of the internet (and internet users) has changed DRAMATICALLY over the last two years.  Is your website visible on mobile devices?

If you’ve read this list and said… nope, none of those website mistakes apply to my website, then we are truly happy for you.  However, if you did read this list and found a few items that need to be addressed, please contact us for a free website evaluation.

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