I thought of the idea to write this post while on hold with one of those “large corporations.”  This week I’ve been challenged by large corporations.

Earlier this week, I called AT&T and was given two answers by two different people. (in the same department at the same time on the phone with me – it was a three way call)  Very confusing.

Now I’m on hold with Web.com  I had to call them for a new client, only to discover that I had to be transferred to 3 different departments. The 1st guy said that he didn’t handle that type of account and said that he would transfer me to the correct department.  Then the 2nd guy said the same thing.

I like being a small business.  I have personal conversations with all my clients.  I handle their situations and they don’t get passed on to another department. I also know all my clients by name.   They don’t need a pin number or secret word to access their account information.  I know their spouses or significant other’s name and celebrate life events with them  (weddings, children, birthdays, anniversaries)  The list goes on.

I no longer feel disadvantaged, but instead privileged to have clients entrust me with their website information as well as their personal information.

I’ll be back and finish this post.  The 3rd guy finally picked up (after being on hold for 13 minutes)…
Good news, the 3rd guy is helping me, but I’m back on hold again.

I believe that we need to embrace small business and remember that we are working with people, not departments or corporations.  With the advent of social marketing, the individual connection is now re-established.  People are making themselves more accessible again instead of hiding behind their desks.  Anyway, that’s for another post.

Signing off… oh yeah… still on hold.


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