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Website Design Process – 5 Easy Steps

Every new client asks us about the process of building their website and/or the amount of time a website will take to complete. Both answers are the same. It depends on you. 

As much as we want to think that we are rocket scientists, we aren’t.  It’s a very simple process to help the client establish the overall goals of their website and create a blueprint for online success. We’ve outlined the web design process for you and; as you can see, your input and feedback are required at several points in the website design process. Our objective is to breakdown these web development steps to complete the website in a timely fashion while achieving your goals.

Define scope of website

  • Develop plan for meeting your business goals, purpose of your website, current marketing materials, and brand identity.
  • Detail any special functionality you want for your website according to your marketing goals.
  • Determine whether you need new content for the website or whether existing content can be used.
  • Submit written proposal with scope of the project as well as completion schedule and budget.

Research Ideas for the website

  • Analyze current site and determine if anything is still accurate.
  • Research and submit competitor websites to make sure your website is competitive in the marketplace.
  • Outline the improvements that will be incorporated in the new design.
  • Develop ideas to strengthen customer communication through the website.

Visual Design

  • Develop design ideas for general layout
  • Implement layout for home page and develop a wireframe how all other pages will be presented
  • Develop custom graphics and individual pages
  • Send unpublished link to client for approval reports.

Implementation of the completed website

  • Create each page and special functionality within a content management system.
  • Beta test to ensure the completed site is operational.
  • Evaluate functionality through testing, quality assurance, and usability testing as part of your website design process.
  • Launch!

Ongoing Website Marketing & Maintenance

Your involvement occurs at every stage of the website design process. Every step also keeps in mind the goals of the project and the users’ needs.

You are welcome to print this page and use it to evaluate other companies. Whether you decide to work with us or the millions of other companies out there, make sure they can all be upfront with the design process. The last thing you want as you approach a website design project is a surprise at the end because it was not disclosed by the other website design companies. Also be aware of companies that want to give you a quote for your website without even knowing what you want on your website.  That is always a red flag.

To begin the process with us, call us at 407-491-5214 or fill out our online quote request form.

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