Put Your Best Foot Forward and Show Off

Is your Website turning Visitors Away?

As you read over this list, think about which of these items your website is missing and how that could be affecting your online presence.

#1 - Offer original content.

Content is KING.  (like you’ve never heard that before.)  But offer ORIGINAL content.  If your content strategy is to copy information from the manufacturer website (or a competitor), Google is very smart to know which website owns that content.  Your website will be penalized.

#2 - Include Calls To Action.

What do you do after offering all that free advice?  Ask for the business, of course.  I’m always amazed at how few businesses have calls to actions on their website.  And no, a contact form doesn’t count.

#3 - Keep your website content updated.

It’s important to create new content on your website at a minimum once a month.  Google prefers 2-4 times per month.  Engage your customers by answering their questions.  The more you can educate your customer, the more trust you will build with them.

#4 - Make every page easily accessible.

Have you ever been to a website and can’t find information?  Yeah, me too!  Therefore, don’t do that!!  Make information easily accessible to your prospects.  Don’t go too many layers deep.

#5 - Encourage interaction!

This is ideal for your blog. – Ask for feedback or questions when you post an article on your website.  You’ll find that people will also fill the gaps in the information which will begin a dialogue.

#6 - Use short paragraphs or bullet points.

Reading is fun, but most of us online are looking for specific information.  Therefore, make your content readable.  We are huge fans of using short paragraphs and bullet points.  The content is easily scanned, you include a call to action in there and viola, a new lead appears in your inbox.

#7 - Don’t speak over your customer’s heads.

Even though information is only a click away, it is possible to talk over your customer’s head.  Make sure you speak in layman’s terms.  Now, if your website is geared towards the hi-tech industry, then by all means, talk “their” language.  But for the rest of us, KISS.

#8 - Build customer confidence though a professional design.

Have you ever visited a website and though, OH MY!  The design just doesn’t match the image of the company.  Remember, this is your first impression to a potential customer.  You always want to put your best foot forward.  Spend the extra $$ on a professional design.

#9 - Include testimonials.

It’s amazing the power of third party testimonials.  It’s in bad taste to tell everyone how awesome you are.  But if someone else does it, it’s a complement.  Or in this case a testimonial.  Definitely ask your clients for a written testimonial.  They will be honored you asked.

#10 - Don’t forget to PROMOTE your website.

with our search engine optimization services. You finally have a website (or redesigned an old one)  Now what?  How will those new customers find you?  The marketing budget is equally important as the design budget.  Luckily, we can help you with that.
In creating a new website or redesigning it, make sure that your website is designed with your customer in mind.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to make your website attractive for search engines.  A successful website is a sales tool that should increase your business and enhance your reputation.

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