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Website Makeover

211 Brevard

211 Brevard approached us because they were using a “proprietary content management system” and it was impossible to work with. Also, every time they wanted to make a change to the website, the developer charged exhorbitant fees since it was “their software”. We hear this scenario often and it is our mission to empower our clients and save them $$. We converted their website to WordPress and the client is so happy she can now maintain her own website. Of course, we miss talking to her, but we keep up on Facebook. LOL. In fact, Belinda left a glowing recommendation on our FB page. (I don’t think she was a difficult client… I love people who know what they want.)


CBF Contracting, Inc. – Pennsylvania Contractor

CBF was so restricted by their old website that it didn’t stay up to date. But now, we were able to train an internal staff member to keep the site up to date and add fresh content and photos to the gallery.


Creative Sales + Management, Inc.

CSM4TQS is a successful business coaching company.  Dave Rothfeld has traveled the world helping companies in multiple areas of their business so they can reach that next level.  His website needed to reflect the same professionalism and expertise that he brings to the table.



Dulando Screen & Awning

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Dulando for over six years. Even though this is a 50-year-old company, they want their website to be up to date. In fact, this is the second redesign of their website.  Parts of the website include inbound marketing that customers can download a free guide to help them prepare for any type of new enclosure.  This has proven invaluable to the company because an informed customer is a happy customer.  We look forward to another six years working with Dulando.

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