Business blogging can be so much more than random thoughts from a company.  An active blog is a great way for small businesses to attract new customers. Well-written content can establish your credentials and give new prospects the confidence to become clients. Coming up with interesting blog ideas, however, isn’t always easy, especially if writing isn’t one of your strongest abilities. Fortunately, there are a few tried and true methods you can use to come up with solid blog topic ideas and establish your company as a leader in the marketplace.  In fact, these are the same ideas that we use to develop content for our clients’ business blogs.

1. Provide Helpful Information Related to Your Business
Many people rely on websites for information about products and services. Tapping into this need offers an excellent way to draw traffic to your website. If you’re struggling to come up with a few good blog content ideas, consider putting together some tips related to your business. If you own a law firm, write about tips to better prepare your clients in case they need your services. If you own a hardware shop, for example, you can post tutorials for popular DIY projects.

2. Follow Your Successes
If you’ve received feedback on your business blogs, such as comments on your website or social media channels, you can use that feedback to create blog post ideas. If a topic has attracted plenty of attention, consider writing a follow-up post to generate more traffic. Including responses and questions from your first post in your follow-up can promote audience engagement and provide structure and content for the second post.

3. Respond to Your Customers
Questions from your customers about your business are also good blog topic ideas. If you find yourself answering the same questions from your customers, take note of the topics and write blog posts about each one. A construction company that frequently receives questions about why certain standards are necessary, for example, could write a blog post about that standard and how it benefits each project from the user’s perspective.

4. Post News and Highlights
New products and special achievements in your industry are valid business blog topic ideas. If you’re excited about a new product that will be launching soon, a blog post can share your excitement with your customers and put the new product into context. Successes and major developments related to either your business or your industry can give your business meaning to your customers. However, don’t get involved in blog topics that are too time-sensitive; ideally, you want to create evergreen content that will maintain their relevance for years.

5. Connect with the Community
Connecting your company to your local community helps increase your reputation and shows customers that you’re invested in the community. There are a variety of community-linked topics you can post about, including upcoming events that your business is sponsoring or general community news that relates to your industry. These types of blog topics let customers know that in supporting your business, they’re not just giving a business money; they’re supporting a member of the community.

A diverse and active blog can attract interest towards your business and create new clients from a variety of sources. If you need help coming up with blog topic ideas for your business, contact Design 4 Dot Com today at 407-491-5214. With more than 15 years of experience, we can help you turn your blog into a valuable source of new clients.

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