Before and After

211 Brevard

211 Brevard approached us because they were using a “proprietary content management system” and it was impossible to work with. Also, every time they wanted to make a change to the website, the developer charged exhorbitant fees since it was “their software”. We hear this scenario often and it is our mission to empower our clients and save them $$.

We converted their website to WordPress and the client is so happy she can now maintain her own website. Of course, we miss talking to her, but we keep up on Facebook. LOL. In fact, Belinda left a glowing recommendation on our FB page. (I don’t think she was a difficult client… I love people who know what they want.)

American Chronic Care, LLC

American Chronic Care, LLC was referred to us by one of our IT Partners.  It was a start-up company and they were trying to build the website themselves using the GoDaddy Website Builder.  After becoming completely frustrated with the DIY process, they called their IT guy and he referred them to us.

Their criteria was a clean website which was easy to navigate which would appeal to medical professionals.  We used the WordPress platform because they were also interested in maintaining the website themselves after development.  Within a month, they had a new website and we even included calls to action, the landing pages and the white paper for physicians to learn more about Chronic Care Management.  Sean was a pleasure to work with.  Thanks Sean for your business.


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