Have You Outgrown Your Old E-Commerce Website?

WordPress E-commerce Websites

According to W3Techs.com, WordPress is used for almost 60% of content management websites. Respectively, that also accounts for 22% of all websites on the Internet. Wow, one product accounts for almost 1/4 of all websites on the internet.

We’ve seen WordPress evolve to match the needs of it’s clients in the web development community.  Our experience with open source software is that “some are better than others” and WordPress is definitely much easier to use on both the programming side as well as on the user side.  Clients love the simplicity and we’ve been successful in training our clients how to maintain their websites using WordPress, especially on the E-Commerce side.   As WordPress continues to gain ground in the web development universe, their e-commerce plugins are also extremely impressive.

Developing with Woo-Commerce makes our job easy and saves you money.  Woo Commerce comes with dozens of compatible plugins to customize even the most advanced shopping carts.

Whether you are selling online products or services or even digital downloads, Woo Commerce can accommodate your needs.

USNA Class Crest Collection

Ken was referred to us by his IT guy.    He offers a specialty product that has served US Naval Academy graduates for over 50 years.  These are beautiful gifts to give to a graduate that they will treasure for years to come.

The old website was about 10 years old and completely ineffective for doing business online today.  We upgraded the website to showcase the beautiful hand-lasered gifts and showed Ken how to manage the products himself.  Needless to say, he’s happy.

Okey Water

Okey Water reached out to us via social media.  They had a DIY website that was created using Office 365 and believed that they had reached the end of the customization they could do.  Although, the website was easy to update since it was a DIY product, they had little control over any features which would help them within the search engines.

Of course, we recreated the website using WordPress.  This enabled the client to easily add new product, create product specials and receive new leads from a free water filter test.


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