mobile devicesThe mobile race is on!  Does your business have a mobile version of its website? Is the new site a responsive-design and optimized for multiple devices ? Don’t let your business get left behind.

According to Google, via the Mobile Marketing Association Survey, 53% of American consumers use their smartphones to access search engines at least once per day. Is your company in that list of results AND viewable on mobile?

Think about the last time you needed a business service or store location while on-the-go.  More than likely, you pulled out your smartphone or tablet and looked up the business name or the keyword relating to the service/product you needed. Did you find what you were looking for? Your customers and leads are doing the exact same thing – every single day! Let’s take a look at the numbers that tell the whole story:

  • 56% of American adults are now smartphone owners, and that percentage is climbing by the minute!
  • 48% of American adults use or would like to use a smartphone to shop while in-store or on the go
  • Of the 70% of shoppers who used a mobile phone while in a retail store during the 2013 holidays, 62 percent accessed that store’s site or app
  • The “mobile influence factor” (or effect of smartphones on in-store sales/purchases) will increase to $689 billion (or 19% of total store sales) by 2016
  • 57 % of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Similarly, 40 percent of consumers will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience

Unlike Yellow Pages advertising methods of the past, simply having an online listing will not get your phone to ring, traffic to your store or sales rolling. Keep in mind, simply having your business website ranked in search engine results doesn’t ensure vital business information, such as your telephone number, location address, hours of operation, services or ‘Special Deals’ are accessible on mobile view.

Today’s consumer is looking for real-time information on a business, service or product and is poised to connect with you and buy on the spot. What does this mean for small-to midsize business owners? Opportunity is knocking and this is your chance to connect with buying costumers, today!

How Businesses Can Start & Improve Their Mobile Presence

Ready to create an updated mobile version of your business website? It’s time to make the most of search success and convert those precious leads into at-your-door business. Having a mobile-friendly website creates a fast track and wide reaching opportunity for sales success to happen.

Design 4 Dot Com has helped many small and mid-sized businesses set up responsive design, mobile websites ensuring accessibility to all mobile users. Another option available to you are many web content management tools offering general mobile templates allowing you to build your own mobile website. To help, here’s what you need to know before you start building a mobile version of your site:

Quick FAQs About Mobile-Friendly Sites

  • A “mobile website” means a new site is created for a mobile viewer.  In the new mobile website, more details may be manipulated to create enriched mobile display and how it shows on the mobile device
  • You can have a mobile website in an HTML format (5th generation)
  • Alternately, you can have a mobile website in a WordPress format
  • Incorporate “Responsive Design” means the website design itself is responsive to the size of the screen on which it is displayed
  • Multiple Device Optimization means the new site will display in optimized view for multiple devices (i.e., smartphones,  tablets, etc.)

That’s the essentials, but there’s so much more to creating a successful mobile website. Maybe you feel tech-savvy enough to use web content management tools offering general templates to build your own mobile site, but be aware that there’s a big downside. The majority of small-to midsize business owners lack the know how – like  converting HTML to a mobile website format –  as well as resources for the upkeep necessary after initial launch.

Just like browsers are always updating on your computer which affects how a website is viewed, mobile operating systems are also always updating.  Your website may look good on a mobile device today, but what about a year from now?  The Internet is a constantly changing environment.

There are already so many mobile device platforms on the market, like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc. and new ones introduced regularly. Each new version or upgrade of the mobile device platform may interfere with functionality of the template you built for your mobile website. Even large companies struggle with this concern and seek out web designers to help keep them ahead of their competitors.

At Design 4 Dot Com, we specialize in helping small to midsize businesses, like yours, create a strong online presence through search engine optimization and mobile-friendly web design. We offer affordable, reliable and effective solutions for making your website mobile-friendly with responsive functionality via WordPress web software. We’ll help  explain how a mobile-friendly site design works in clear and easy to understand terms –  even if ‘tech’ is not your area of expertise. Design 4 Dot Com’s successful experience in mobile website design gives your company the advantage it needs.

Bottom Line: Don’t miss this chance to grow your business.  A few years ago, mobile devices accounted for less than 10% of our clients traffic to their now website.  Now the average is 30%.  Can you really afford to turn away 30% of potential clients?

The Mobile Website Design package can only be quoted after we review your business website.  There are so many variables which go into the job of optimizing your website for a responsive mobile-friendly view.  We offer a Free Consultation for this type of project.  Contact us today for a custom Mobile Website Design package quote.


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